Olly Moss’s Mario

(click to enlarge)

Olly Moss has long been one of our favorite artists on the site, and his latest project is a series of Mario Posters that draw on the original Japanese.

It’s a menacing design, and one that would look perfect framed in my room so I can pretend I’m cultured and know Japanese. Prints aren’t on sale quite yet, but I’ll update this post when they are.

  • I wish my Japanese was better. All i can make out is the very top line says “Thank you, Mario!” and a bunch of kanji I can’t read. The title is “Super Mario” and then “director” something at the very bottom.

    I’m the worst. haha

  • It seems to me it says “Thank you Mario! But Princess Peach is in another castle.”

    Not sure about the bottom, though.

  • I think you’re right. It does say “but, Peach…”

    Thanks for putting me to shame. ahah

  • Guy Incognitus

    Updating this post when prints are available will do nothing. His prints sell out in a matter of seconds at a random time announced on twitter. And they’ll be several hundred dollars. Check eBay right after and they’ll be going for thousands. His Star Wars posters are the best I’ve seen, but I’ll never be able to own them.