Oh Gorgeous Skyrim


Tired of Skyrim yet? Well, just sit back and pretend you’re watching the nature channel then. That’s what this might as well be, as the environments in Skyrim are so well rendered, they’re the most realistic part of the game by far.

This video is a time lapse of day and night across various places in the land, and if you’ve somehow managed to go without being impressed so far, I’m betting that this will probably melt your icy heart at last.

I am kind of tired of this song though.

  • Xin

    I wish it was so well rendered on xbox.

  • Draugr

    And this is why I game on PC. The only thing this guy seems to be missing is some high res texture packs to really sharpen things up.

  • Cylong

    I like this game, but you have to admit the textures look like crap when you stand close enough to a surface. All pixely and shit.

    And paul; tired of the Dragonborn theme?
    You monster.

  • Woo, I got this game for xmas… 😀