NXE Leaks onto Bittorrent, Pirates Get Their Accounts Banned Until Nov. 19th


Oh thank God, they have the “fat midget” option.

Wow, you really can download anything off of torrent sites can’t you? I only thought it applied to the hard drives full of movies, music and TV shows I have stacked up in my closet, but I guess you can download Xbox operating systems too. Who knew?

But the bad news if you do decide to download the New Xbox Experience early, Microsoft will ban your Live account until November 19th, the official release date. This would suck if say, you wanted to play Gears of War 2 anytime before then.

How exactly do you get NXE from your computer to your Xbox? I just figured out how to stream pirated movies last week. And who would go to the trouble to do this anyways? I think these are the kinds of people who downloaded The Dark Knight 12 hours before it was released in cell-phone camera format just so they could say they were the first ones to see it.