Now That’s What I Call DLC

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In a video game landscape where every DLC pack must somehow feature zombies, someone had a brilliant idea. DINOSAURS.

What? Why the hell not? I’m sorry, is a T-Rex stomping through the Old West somehow less realistic than a horde of zombies running through it. At least at one point dinosaurs DID exist, making their appearance 100% more likely than zombies. Unless you coun’t Jesus I guess. Just kidding! Love you! Thanks for the holiday in two days and all the presents! Even if you were born in July and church moved your birthday to compete with a pagan cult who celebrated their god’s birth on the same day!

Not what you were expecting in a post about Red Dead Redemption and dinosaurs huh?

  • mcnuggets

    dude. jesus sooooo wasn’t a zombie. zombies are supposed to eat human flesh, not the other way around =p

  • hank

    when the christians subjugated their pagan asses they threw them a bone and let them keep their drunken feast. what’s the problem?

  • Axel Foley

    Classy Paul Tassi, folks. He’ll be here all night posting pointless posts that play to his own momentary interests, but do not nearly match the quality of other actual journalists on this site. Have some real insight for once, instead of just posting a random thought that popped into your head and somehow stringing it into a paragraph. That’s what twitter is for. Oh and we get it, you love Dexter… Jeez. Merry Christmas.

  • @Axel Foley

    You come to this site when you hate the guy who writes 80% of the content every day? I’m confused.

  • sepirothpk

    There are real zombies… They’re just not as awesome as fictional ones and tend to be a lot smaller….
    Let’s just pretend they don’t exist.

  • William Mattingly

    no i was foolishly expecting something that was written in a witty and professional manner. Not the patronizing and disrespectful language you used to make some unfunny quips against my Christian faith during the holiest of times. So, now not what I would except from an ex-bookmarked site. G’bye for good, anti-Christian jerks.

  • Colbert

    Ah, the credulous faithful. Guess what, fuckwad? Your “faith” doesn’t entitle you to jack shit! If you’re that thin skinned just get off the internet. Jesus!!

  • Leo

    First off, FUCK Jesus and that mule he rode in on! Next, good post Paul. Thanks. I for one thought it was funny.

  • fist Dude

    Jewish lore in the first century had it that prophets met their end on the day of their birth or conception. There is a fairly well-known account of Jesus being executed over the Passover holiday. Lunar versus solar calendar makes it tricky (notice how Easter date varies), but, anyhow; when Christians decided they wanted a fixed date to celebrate the incarnation/conception and birth of Jesus, they had a long-standing tradition to base the dates on.

    Seems to be just as likely an explanation. Whichever one fits your presuppositions or psychological needs, I guess.

  • fist Dude

    Additionally, I’ve never understood why I am supposed to be shocked and scandalized by the pagan roots of some christian tradition, practice or belief. Ya’ll do realize that Christianity is Judaism for gentiles, right? Everything about it has antecedents in Judaism or paganism. Shocking, I know.