Now That’s a Random Item Drop


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This screenshot was taken moments before this Borderlands player’s computer crashed. Some sort of exploit started shooting out guns like it was a coin-spewing slot machine.

I have a question about Borderlands, a game which I liked at the time that later faded into obscurity in my mind. Did pearlescent weapons ever actually exist in that game? You know, the “magical” level beyond dark orange? I put around 50 hours into that game when all was said and done, and I never found ONE, not ONE. If they DO exist, that’s the rarest damn item class I’ve ever seen in a game. And it’s bullshit.

Imagine if this kind of item drop happened in a game where it actually matters, like Diablo or Warcraft. The player would shit themselves trying to pick out the best from the massive pile, only to freak out when their computer crashes. Oh, cruel irony.

  • Gryphyn

    The Pearlescent weapons in the first game existed, but were gliched weapons where orange weapon attributes were given to a white weapon.

    They’ve added them in the General Knoxx expansion, and I actually found one, a shotgun that lobs exploding grenades, like a mortar launcher. Nice, but not as good as my other shotgun for most instances.

  • David

    I put countless hours into this game, ran through the armory glitch about 30 times, and even killed Crawmerax, and I have never ever seen one. I almost think they are a myth.