No, We Don’t Take Rupees Here

“You want to by arrows and a BOMBS? How old are you kid? I’m calling your parents.”

On a related note, my girlfriend is debating whether or not going as Link would be a cute costume for a girl. I vote yes, and as she reads the site, I encourage you to vote yes as well to encourage her to do it.

As for my own costume? Well, veteran readers will remember my rather well done (if I do say so myself) Battle Royale outfit from last year, but for 2010 I’m going as something people will hopefully actually recognize. What is it? Stay tuned…

  • Ugo Strange

    My Vote. Yes !

  • Henrik

    Wait. You have a girlfriend? What are you doing on the internett then?

  • ahar har har

  • chrystani

    Which of those shady ass items is he purchasing?

    The outdated VHS, the cigs, or the magnums…

    Maybe he takes rupees but the items he is trying to purchase are not for minors.

    Awww… 🙁

  • SuYuanHao

    As long as it’s a sexy female Link im all for it

  • Steve

    Of course she can be a sexy Link. I live in NYC and I see PLENTY of girls as Link on Halloween. Sometimes a “sexy” Link costume, sometimes regular. Hell, there are plenty of girls that dress as male video game characters.

  • Dylan

    WTF I’m going as Link too

  • Ashley

    She definitely should. Of she needs a little help seeing it, have her look up Lindsey Stirling Zelda medley.