NHL Team Logos Remade With Pokemon

Detroit Red Wings


So, even though I’m from (near) Detroit, the self-proclaimed “Hockeytown” after our Red Wings won a few Stanley Cups, I can’t say I really follow the sport all that much. Or really, any sport for that matter. Such is the life of someone who spends free time playing games, watching movies and TV shows in order not to fall behind the times.

But when sports meet Pokemon? My nerdy self is all over that. This is a series of NHL logos remade using various Pokemon. That would be Pigeot influencing my Red Wings above, but there are a ton of teams featured below that you should check out if you’re remotely close to being a hockey fan. Or a Pokemon fan.

If Nintendo can make Mario Tennis and Mario Golf, why not Pokemon hockey? Get on that, guys.

  • Ty15

    As someone who loves all those things you mentioned, plus hockey, I think this is pretty amazing. When I was a kid hockey and pokemon was all I knew.

  • Josh

    Not to nitpick, but we were called Hockeytown before we won the Cup in 97.