New ‘Modern Warfare 2’ Trailer, Must Remove Jaw From Floor


I’m not easily impressed by very much these days, but this new trailer called “Infamy” for COD: MWF2 just left me absolutely floored. To call it cinematic is an understatement, because it’s more impressive than most of the shit action movies released these days. And that final scene of the siege on Washington? Get outta here… Too cool.

With a multitude of games coming out this fall, I have to pick and choose very carefully where to spend my $60. I’ve already passed up Halo 3: ODST (not for five hours of gameplay guys, sorry), and my prime selections at the moment are Assassin’s Creed 2, Borderlands, and now more than ever, MWF2. 

  • Josh

    ODST is more than 5 hours of gameplay. I beat it on Normal and died only twice during the entire thing (trying to take out two Hunters without a single weapon or grenade is f’ing stupid on my part), and it took me almost 7 hours. Unless you are just running through the game and deliberately not killing a single thing, this is far longer than 5 hours worth of gameplay. My brother co-oped on Legendary with a friend and it took him 11-12 hours.

    As for this trailer, I agree completely. This trailer just sold me on buying the game. I was on the fence prior to it but the final scene of DC burning was enough to push me to buy it.

  • Madison

    I’m 50/50 on Borderlands. A FPS/RPG? Awesome…but there’s a decent chance the game could absolutely suck…

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  • Shwarma

    I’m getting the nightvision goggle prestige edition…lol.

  • Mike

    What about Dragon Age: The Origins?