My Five Favorite Mass Effect DLCs of All Time

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Now that the Mass Effect series officially ended last week with the release of their final DLC Citadel, it has no doubt been bittersweet for the last couple of days as loyal fans of the trilogy reminisce about the series we’ve all come to love for several years. I was only introduced to the franchise through the second Mass Effect game, yet I have been a loyal and passionate fan ever since. I constantly blurt out popular phrases from the games and I bought another set of the trilogy for the PC when I had to sell my Xbox 360. Now, I have it for the PS3  so I know that I am officially crazy. I stuck by the franchise, throughout the whole ending debacle just because I still had faith in it.

Truthfully, a lot of things wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the Mass Effect franchise. I’m not even joking. I would never have had my own website, Commander Bedlam. I would never have met Paul Tassi, and therefore I would have never been invited to write for all you awesome Unreality readers. Ask Paul, he’d confirm that this is no exaggeration. I would never have raised more than $5,000 for a charity with the help of the Mass Effect voice actors and fan community. I owe a lot to these game for shaping the person I am now. The Citadel DLC reminded me of that and the amazing journey I had with it inside and out of the game. Playing it reminded me of the all the DLCs I enjoyed throughout the whole trilogy, so here are my picks and let me know what your picks are and why. I’ve got to be the only here who isn’t experience Mass Effect withdrawal.

1. Citadel 

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For the longest time, Lair of the Shadow Broker remained at the top of my list. I was pleasantly surprised with the Citadel DLC mostly because I was still expecting not to have enough content for Shepard and his love interest Miranda. However, I got more than what I expected and it was the gentle push I needed to bid farewell to Shepard, Miranda and all the characters I’ve grown to care for. Some people call the main storyline cliche and unnecessary, but it aims to be something else entirely than a plot device. BioWare aptly calls it “a love letter to their fans” and the DLC lives up to their claim.  It is a tribute to their loyal fans and an opportunity to close the books on what may been the greatest science-fiction video game series of all time.

2. Lair of the Shadow Broker


So, I kind of had a love triangle going on with Shepard, Miranda, and Liara. I never knew that romancing Liara in the first Mass Effect would bite me in the butt in the sequel. Recall that I played Mass Effect 2 first and had Miranda first. I loved it when Liara called Shepard’s infidelity out by claiming I spent time with Miranda and her low-cut jumpsuit. Truthfully, I consider her one of the strongest female characters in the series and this DLC explored that. Overall, the dialogue, story, and fun combat won me over. Like I said, it took a long time for another DLC to best this one.

3.  Kasumi Goto- Stolen Memory


While I admit that this was a short DLC, I felt that it was worth every penny as Kasumi quickly grew to be one of my favourite squadmates of all time. I don’t measure this content based on how long her recruitment/loyalty mission was. For me, I based it on how much I loved this character around throughout the whole game. It was fun getting dressed up and pretending to be  renegade Solomon Gunn. However, the real fun is listening to Kasumi’s stories and comments aboard the Normandy. I loved how she talked about her crush on Jacob and the playful comments she would make about Shepard’s relationship with Miranda. Her abilities are handy in combat too. Plus, she’s the only one who calls you “Shep” and that’s one thing I’ll never forget.

4. Overlord


I don’t know how to explain how much I enjoyed this DLC, because I simply loved it. Each part of the mission was exciting for me and the end was great too. I remember the choices in the end were one of those that spawned numerous discussions among fans. I remember bringing Legion with me all the time, just for the heck of it. In addition, Overlord’s combat score is one of my favorite tracks from the whole trilogy. If you want to listen to it, here’s the link to “Combat Troops” by Christopher Lennertz.  There’s a subtle nod to this DLC in Mass Effect 3 and it’s quite touching especially if you remember that particular moment they referenced.

5. Zaeed Massani- The Price of Revenge


I like this DLC for the same reasons I mentioned for Kasumi’s. I bought it mainly for the character and its contributions to my gameplay experience. The mission was simply a vehicle to introduce the character. I would often visit his area in the Normandy, just to listen to his stories. His comments are quite entertaining too when you bring him along missions. It was nice to see him again in Mass Effect 3, and seeing his appearance in Citadel DLC only makes me happy that I purchased his content. Sadly, the voice actor behind Zaeed passed away recently. Requiescat in pace.




  • trashcanman

    Yes, yes., and yes. I kind of don’t want to buy a new console when they come out because I’d rather spend more time with Mass Effect. My greatest regret of this gen is that there have been so many games constantly coming out that have been calling my name that I’ve never gotten to fully explore the ME universe. Most of the non-ME2 DLC I haven’t played yet, but at some point I really want to buy every last bit of it and play through the entire series again as one continuous experience. Right after the new Gears….and Bioshock…..and GTA…..and Assassin’s Creed……damn it.

  • No, you must put Mass Effect at the top of your list! Despite the whole ending debacle, it’s definitely a video game legend in my book. I just finished ME3 with all the DLCs last weekend. I’m hoping to playing it from ME1 to ME3 with all DLCs once I get my copy haha

  • mripfreely

    I played the first mass effect game when it was released and it just blew me away. It was the first time I realized just how powerful a story telling medium video games had become. Been eagerly following every game in the series and dlc since. Hats off to bioware and everyone involved for taking me on one helluva ride.

  • sean

    0. Extended Cut
    1. Lair of the Shadow Broker
    2. Citadel
    3. Bring Down the Sky
    4. Omega
    5. Stolen Memory
    I’m putting Extended Cut at position 0 since it is more of a patch than DLC. I feel it should be mentioned regardless. I’d forgotten that Stolen Memory was DLC. It feels like an essential part of the game. Awakening receives an honorable mention. It was a nice bridge between ME2 and ME3.

  • @mripfreely

    How did you like Mass Effect 3?


    Thanks for pointing out the Extended Cut! Yeah, I would make that my sixth considering how much it and Citadel made me love the third game more. Oh, you mean Arrival? Yeah, that was good too. Essentially, I think every DLC is worth buying… just mentioning ones that I really really love and would play all over again.

  • sean

    Right, Arrival. It’s also worth mentioning how funny Citadel is. EDI’s “it’s the thought that counts” joke still has me laughing when I think about it. I wish there was a way to have memorial services for the other characters that died during the trilogy.

  • Oh man, don’t get me started on EDI. My ending used to be Destroy, but I just can’t after seeing how she and Legion have evolved. At the same time, I didn’t want to leave Miranda. I would choose Synthesis or Control. Yeah, synthetics can be rebuilt but I don’t see them as mere machines anymore. They are a race of its own. Miranda isn’t some Bella Swan who will go into a bout of depression just cause she lost her boyfriend.

  • Alec

    Nice list, can pretty much say “agree” for the most part, though I find Kasumi way more interesting than Zaeed. Even her combat is better. I will say I got a kick out of hanging out with Zaeed at the arcade in the citadel DLC.

    I’m one of those people that choose to believe my own version of the ending. After all, the destroy ending supposedly would have killed Shepard too if you believe the god-child, yet that’s the one ending that gives a hint he lives. And if the child was wrong about that…

    Might not be canon, but makes me happier. Heck, for the most part I choose to believe the DLC ending is actually taking place a few years after the end of Mass Effect 3. I find it more satisfying to play it as if it’s a reunion rather than an otherwise oddly placed vacation right when things are supposed to be the most tense and urgent.

    Not canon, I know, but works for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I wish Zaeed and Kasumi were part of the main game so that they had more content in the third game as well! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well, I really think Shepard lives if you had that hint scene. You only get that if you have a high EMS. Everyone has their own interpretation of the ending and I respect that.

    I actually thought of Citadel as a sort of flashback, but it’s a nice sentiment to think it happens in the future.

  • sean

    I’m playing my 8th run at the Citadel DLC and still hearing new and funny lines. Brooks has a different line about the Illusive Man if you play before the Thessia mission. I just found Shepard’s hamster in the recyling bin out side the Normandy elevator. Click on it a few times for some laughs. Since this is my 8th character to try the DLC it means I didn’t buy the hamster very often:) This Shepard lost her entire squad (except Miranda) attacking the Collector base, but she saved the hamster. Every time I turn to look for Tali I die a little inside.

  • What does she say? I did one before and after Thessia but I can’t quite recall the difference in dialogue. Nice find on the hamster ๐Ÿ™‚ You only saved Miranda? You are cool on my book ๐Ÿ™‚

  • sean

    Instead of talking about the whispers in his head she said something along the lines of “he’s a ruthless madman, I’m just ruthless.” I’m not sure if Thessia changes the line or Sanctuary.

  • chaos_noise

    I will have to pick up the ME2 DLC. I played through 1 and 2 back to back once two came out (twice for paragon/renegade) and I was too tired of playing it to pick up the DLC. Sadly unless EA releases it on Steam like the others I’ll never get a chance to play ME3.