My 20 Favorite Moments from Gaming in 2012

11. [Borderlands 2] Attending Tiny Tina’s tea party

One of the most darkly comic missions I’ve ever played in a game.

12. [Borderlands 2] The Bloodwing boss battle with a heartbreaking ending

After playing as Mordecai for 100 hours in the original Borderlands, this went from epic to tragic in a hurry.

13. [Sleeping Dogs] Beating the shit out of a group of armed thugs like I’m Donnie Yen

Oh you have cleavers and pipes? Well I have fists and feet motherf***ers!

14. [Halo 4] Being the wheelman on a 20-kill rampage in the Warthog

There’s nothing like a good powerslide.

15. [Halo 4] Getting a one shot kill with anything, railgun, sniper rifle, laser, beam rifle

This never gets old, ever.

16. [Star Wars: The Old Republic] Designing a badass looking male Jedi and female bounty hunter

And then promptly never using them again after ten hours of play.

17. [The Walking Dead] Feeling like a virtual little girl loves me

A game that truly connects you to its characters is rare.

18. [League of Legends] Winning a game of League of Legends

Seriously it’s a freaking joyous accomplishment at this point.

19. [League of Legends] Having someone say the champion I’m  using is overpowered

It’s the community’s way of saying “you’re doing well and I’m mad.”

20. [League of Legends] Attending the world championship in Santa Monica

More fun than nearly any actual sporting event I’ve been to.





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