Multi-Tasking Guitar Hero is Harder Than it Looks

Guitar Hero

I’m not sure I get the whole allure of Guitar Hero.  And I promise I’m not speaking from the perspective of it being a good game.  I’ve played it and it’s pretty darned fun.  However,  there are droves of people who don’t just stop at playing Guitar Hero for fun.  It becomes an obsession.  And for what?

I could understand if it earned you millions of dollars in prizes.  I could understand if it leads to a new career.  But playing Guitar Hero while solving a Rubix Cube? I mean OK if that’s your thing but it seems a bit excessive to me.

In any event, nothing will top the Guitar Hero and Rubix feat but I have 4 other videos that show this whole Guitar Hero multi-task thing ain’t so easy

Guitar Hero and Rubix Cube


Now here’s the one that is truly impressive.   I don’t know how long this guy practiced for to do this, but I’m pretty sure I would have many more interesting things to do with my time.

These last four I’d consider feeble attempts at Multitasking:

Pissing While Playing Guitar Hero


Yeah it’s kind of a funny concept but this guy could have done way better.  Plus, at least play a more difficult song dude.

One Player all Instruments


This is actually kind of impressive but still, it’s almost like the guy is cheating the systems because well….

Eye of the Tiger


You see, this is a case where the guy isn’t cheating but it looks awfully dumb.

Guitar and Jenga Multitask


Yeah this isn’t guitar hero but so what?  I love this video

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