Mortal Kombat X-Ray Moves Trying Too Hard


In an effort to maintain their place in history as the video game industry’s leading exporter of brutality, Mortal Kombat has taken things to a new level with the addition of “X-Ray” moves in their upcoming game.

It’s exactly what it sounds like. During a particularly brutal move, everything goes slo-mo, the camera zooms in, and everything goes all see-thru and we can see the individual bones breaking inside each character.

Sounds intense, but put into practice I’m not terribly impressed. I think it’s much more disturbing to watch someones skull implode or arm snap from the outside, as making everything skeletal makes you more detached, and like what’s happening is a medical procedure.

But hey, maybe I’m wrong and it’ll be the new cool trend in games. Check it out above and decide for yourself.


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