Mortal Kombat Legacy Lives On


One of the most ambitious web series of the last few years was Mortal Kombat Legacy. It was a series of short films handled by some truly talented people who brought new life to a universe without having to spend $80M on a flop of a feature film.

Now, as seen above, there’s a new season of Mortal Kombat Legacy coming. And it does look pretty cool, as you might expect.

I was a bit disappointed with the first series. It was well shot and choreographed sure, but the viral video that sparked the entire series was more of a departure from the traditional lore. The fighters were given modern backstories and it was a real step forward in terms of lore. But when the actual series came to pass, it was all mythical power and juju again. Fine, but I felt they could have done more with the modern angle.

That said, I’m really looking forward to seeing what they do with the series when given another slate of episodes to work with. Watch the preview trailer above.

  • It is so cool that they got the same guy back to play Shang Tsung. Sure, I hated that movie, but I was so pleased to see him back in the role all the same. “Your soul is mine!”

  • Schutzenegger

    fatpie42, I was about to say the same thing. When I watched that trailer I was like “Hey, it’s Shang Tsung!” and then the title card came up “Shang Tsung”

    This will be sweet.

  • Tony Schnebly

    Kick ass is all I have to say the fx look almost real when does it come out?