Mortal Kombat Cosplay is Better in Motion


Cosplay’s going mainstream, as Mortal Kombat is using real live models to demonstrate just how hot their fighters are in new previews for the game.

Above you’ll find Mileena, a real life version spliced with her game character, and below is Kitana and Sonya Blade doing the same thing. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to photorealistic graphics in video games.

Has anyone played the new game? Any good? I have about three other titles I need to get to before I check it out.



Sonya Blade


If there are any more of these, link me.

  • Bert

    “I have about three other titles I need to get to before I check it out.”

    I confess, I did not initially read that as “titles”.

  • What

    I have the game and I must say it’s really awesome. If you’re a fan of MK then you should get this game.

  • Nick D Pags

    Living in Australia is fracking lame at this time.

  • Sideshow

    It’s super awesome! Enough fun to punch your friend in the face when he beats you two times in a row.

  • john

    holy errections

  • Gabriel

    Ahmahgawd bewbs~!

  • Gabriel

    I bet I know who the target audience is….

  • Alex

    Way too much silicone and crappy face with Sonya. I like the movie version of her far better

  • Nyxaria

    since i live in germany and multiplayer of mk doesnt work over my xbox .. i wont buy it 🙁

    @ gabriel

    “Ahmahgawd bewbs~!” – this!

  • Volderderp

    wow the gameplay is so realistic!

  • Frank

    Classic MK gameplay with nice graphics, good training and tutorial
    options, character design seems to be exaggerated sometimes but cool tag team combos possible.
    – altogether with balanced character skills the game is worth a try
    Finish him!