Morning Link: Why You’ll Never Be Happy with Video Game Films


Ever wonder why all video game movies are terrible? Well, so did Kotaku’s Leigh Alexander who wrote this rather interesting piece on why gamers will never be fully satisfied with game movies.

She primarily cites the deeply flawed Resident Evil movies as examples, and turns to the recent RE: Degeneration flick as a counterpoint as to the real underlying issue behind our hatred for game movies.

I won’t give it away, you should read the article in its entirety yourself. However, it does bring me to a question, are there any video game movies you would actually classify as “good”?

  • Good:
    Resident Evil 1
    Wing Commander

    Bad: All the others ones.

    how could anyone not like the first resident evil movie? that shit was awesome!

    and wing commander = das boot en space!

  • Aerliss

    Tiki; Wing Commander was good how? Don’t get me wrong; I rather enjoyed it. But I enjoyed it for ALL the wrong reasons (well, maybe not all; Matthew Lillard is smexy).

    But I agree with you on RE1; it was different, yet still good. I even liked 2, though it was not half as good and I mostly liked it for the comedy moments. 3? Meh.

    Any others? FF7: Advent Children. “It had no plot… it was all fighting… blah blah blah” It could never, ever compete with the game… so no one should have expected it to. But it wasn’t trying to; it was closure, nothing more. So just shut up and watch the shiny abuse of the laws of physics. Though if you’re not a fan… well why are you watching it anyway, and why aren’t you a fan, freak? *cough*

    I like most of the computer game movies… for one reason or another.

    Van Damme’s Street Fighter; just enjoy the silly fight scenes.
    DoA; same as above but with added smexy.
    Mortal Kombat; er… same as above but with added Lambert.
    Super Mario Bros.; lolz (I never liked Mario games anyway)
    Tomb Raider; Who’s gonna complain about Angelina Jolie in THAT outfit… come on!
    RE1; made in the spirit of the games… and Purefoy is nomable.

    I think the problem is; it’s difficult to make a good movie for both the fans AND the non-fans. It must be possible. They can do it with comics and books, surely they can do it with computer games?

    *toddles off the read linked article*