More Photoshop Frankensteining to Create Real Life Pokemon

If there’s one complaint I’ve heard about this site, it’s that we don’t feature enough Pokemon, so that’s why I’m doing my part to rectify that situation today.

We’ve featured a gallery of attempts to craft real life Pokemon before, and actually it was one of the most popular posts of the year. That was assembled from a bunch of different artists however, while this gallery is the work of one man, Stephen Lefcourt. He put on his photoshop hat and went about creating some rather interesting representations of what Pokemon might look like if they actually existed.

Check out the full gallery below. Out of all of these I would probably want to have my own Venusaur. He’d really spruce my place up.

  • Guy Incognito

    This is still the best real life pokemon representation I’ve seen:

  • drown_panda

    I would agree about having my own venosaur because all the other pokemon in this gallery scare the hell out of me. Maybe the staryu but you can never tell what a starfish like that is thinking. Keep it up with the Pokemon posts!

  • Stefan

    Pokemon photoshop = WINNING!

  • Neptuny

    Take it back, Internet. Please, for the love of someone’s god, take it back!!!

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  • Zligo

    Pokemon + Geico= Win.

  • Wolfgäng

    What would it really be like if pokèmon were real? Street thugs would be a hell of a lot more dangerous. And there would be tons of Grimer all over the place.

  • Prime Evil

    Please tell me that Pikachu has at least ONE thing taken from a cockatiel.