Mila Kunis Had a World of Warcraft Addiction


Damnit Mila Kunis, you’re just messing with us now. You’re telling us you’re already making every geek on earth drool over you and you had to come out and say you’re a World of Warcraft fanatic too? You’ve got to be kidding.

But no, it appears that hot celebrities aren’t immune to the siren’s song of World of Warcraft, and Kunis details her run with the game on Jimmy Kimmel. She had to quit it for a bout a year now, but before that was an active member of several guilds, including one she had to abandon because they recognized her voice. Seriously? That’s a sharp ear. Couldn’t she have just said “no I’m not, but I get that a lot”

So the next time you’re about to start awkwardly hitting on a girl in your guild, stop and think that it could be someone like her. Hopefully that’s enough to make your confidence shatter and just leave her the hell alone.

  • Rosstopher

    I could pick out her voice anywhere. Shes MEG. I cant watch that 70’s show or anything with her without thinking of plain old meg

  • andrew

    Agreed. Her voice is highly recognizable. And I love it.

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  • Jim Lahey

    The “pretend you’re not you and people will believe you” plan goes out the door when you’re a VOICE ACTOR

  • Cornelius

    This is kind of very old news…
    Seems like I heard about this 3 years ago and she had already quit by then. Pretty sure she was playing with her boyfriend at the time Nacaulay Culkin.

  • Cornelius

    Sorry meant to say “Macaulay Culkin”.

  • Tim

    Maybe if she redeveloped that addiction we wouldn’t have to see her excuse for acting in my movie films anymore. She’s Jackie, and only Jackie. One and done.