Microsoft Claims that Three Years Later, RROD Plague Finally Almost Over


I’ve always wondered if there has been a greater, more widespread hardware failure than the Xbox 360. Every single person I know who has bought one has had their break in one form or another, and some have even gone through two or three. I have a hard time believing that at any company other than Microsoft, such a massive costly replacement would have even been possible, and I think a catastrophic event like this would have mortally crippled Sony or Nintendo and knocked them out of the console business for good. But this is Microsoft, who has more money than God and Google combined, so they’ll survive and hopefully learn a lesson or two for the Xbox 720.

But the worst part is, that even three years later, the Red Ring of Death is not fully fixed, as the last of the “affected” systems are still dying out. But Microsoft claims the worst is over:

“What it comes down to is isolating and figuring out the issue, fixing the issue, and the more that we can fix the issue, and know it’s fixed, then we’re good going forward,” said Greenberg. “We’ve put the worst behind us on this, but we know there are a few lagging systems, and so we want to take those and make it right.”

Does anyone have any official figures on just how much this RROD ongoing fiasco has cost Microsoft over the past three years? I heard they were losing money already on each console sold, so to have to ship out another one for every one that breaks? (which is all of them). I predict gallons of red ink.


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