Metal Slug Remade in Starcraft 2


Starcraft 2‘s map editor perplexes me. I’m used to the standard world creator from Brood War, which also allowed for custom made games like Tower Defense and Madness, but here, things are being taken to a new level entirely, and the creation system in the game is about five steps past Little Big Planet.

Essentially, with enough time and skill, you can create any type of game. I mean that almost literally. A regular RTS map, a 3rd person shooter, a sidescrolling adventure, any of that. I haven’t messed around with the tools myself yet, but clearly they’re insanely in-depth if someone was able to remake freaking Metal Slug in the game.

Check out the video above, and tell me that’s not awesome. Once this game is released, I can’t wait to see the crazy shit people come up with.

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  1. Bryan July 1, 2010

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