Metal Gear Solid Creates a Legit Video Game Clothing Line

So if you’re a gamer, your fashion options for video game inspired clothing are pretty limited. It’s either Hot Topic t-shirts or nothing, and even though some items could be considered “cool,” the majority of the time you’re not exactly walking around in high fashion.

But enter Konami and their Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker inspired series of clothing, just released this week. Military digs are all the rage in the fashion world every few months, and this collection has some legit items in it that you can wear and people might actually mistake you for stylish.

I actually just ordered the shirt/jacket thing you see above, mainly for my love of those slanted pockets. Maybe once it comes, I’ll model it depending on how awesome it looks in real life? Cause above, with a ghost wearing it? I think it’s pretty damn cool.

You can check out there rest of the items in the store below. I don’t know if these correspond to particular items worn in the game, since I haven’t played a Metal Gear game since 2, but let me know if they do. It’s a limited selection, but there are t-shirts, hats, pants and a rather badass raincoat, with more to be released later.


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