Meowvel vs. Catcom

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My only experience with Marvel vs. Capcom 3 so far has been button mashing my way to three straight victories in a Gamestop against an eight year old, but I’ve always been a fan of the concept and art style at the very least, though I’m not exactly a fighting game expert otherwise in any game that doesn’t end in “-mash Bros.”

But one big fan of the game wanted to make a very special tribute for it, and it’s one that we can defintely file under “WTF.” I’m not sure what prompts someone to make cat versions of every character in a video game, but I’ll be damned if I don’t love it. My favorite is probably Deadpool kitty, I bet he’s super sassy. Akuma cat wins most terrifying, and Galactus cat most happy to be here.

Anyone  played the game for more than five minutes? How is it?


  • Nyxaria

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  • Sam

    I’ve got the game but I suck. For me games like mvc3 and street fighter are more like interactive pieces of art. I’m not good enough to really get into the technical aspect of it. I like super street fighter more than mvc3 though.
    While on the topic for some reason I usually play as the lower level characters. In ssf4 I play as fei long, in smash bros I used, luigi and in mvc3 I use viewtiful joe more than anyone else. I just can’t do well with the sentinels, sagats and marths of the world.

  • j

    The cat artwork looks like it’s based off of Chii, from the manga Chii’s sweet home.

  • that’s more pussies than i seen in my lifetime!