Mature Gaming Clearly Lives Up to Its Name

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I’ve always found the term “Mature” when it comes to game ratings to be slightly humorous. When I was working at Best Buy and I ID’ed a pimply faced scrawny kid who had turned seventeen the week before and was now trying to pick up a copy of Grand Theft Auto, the first though in my mind was NOT, “man, what a mature individual!” Case in point being this picture above.

What makes a seventeen year old any more capable than a sixteen year old to play such a game? Or what’s to say in another year he won’t mature to the proper level? I know some people are are 25 and still wouldn’t qualify to play something that requires you to be “mature.”

I suppose we have to draw the line somewhere, but as it stands, it just seems so arbitrary, and something that should ultimately be a parenting decision, which is why these proposed laws making selling games to the “underage” a crime should not come into existence.

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