Master Chief Takes Off the Helmet to Reveal a Singing German


Alright, hands down, this video wins the WTF of the week award, and I don’t care if it’s only Wednesday. It’s a German music video with some guy wearing Master Chief armor singing as other aliens dance around him. Cortana worked her way in there, and uh, so did Yoda for one brief second I believe.

I know we have at least a couple German readers out there, so does anyone care to translate what exactly this goofball is singing?

To be fair, I am decently impressed with the production values on this thing. Is this guy actually famous in Germany?

  • Limitus

    it’s not available to watch here in germany -.-

    but i’ve never heard of that guy before, and i’d say i’m always nearly up-to-date with weird i-net-videos^^

    do you have another link, where it’s not banned? then i could translate

  • Gandi

    It’s Michael Wendler a ”Schlagersinger” and yes he’s famous^^ but the most of his fans are 40 years old women

  • filmriss

    rough translation:
    been sitting in this bar for days, no sleep, bone broke,
    last beer, thought of losing you is killing me
    chorus (i think): pilots like us are not afraid to fly too high, sometimes we crash…2x
    at midnight some guy comes into the club, a real train wreck, he was doing even worse than me, he said “my friend…” and without further questioning “we are very much alike…”
    chorus 8x

    and since i was watching that in austria the only explanation i have for this video being banned in germany is that the uploader is belgian. go figure.

  • Cryingmind

    Michael Wendler – Piloten wie wir = Pilots like us.
    Oh boy, does that song sucks. He sings stuff like: “pilots like us have no fear, fly way to high and fall deep.”
    He releases about 2-3 albums a year, which says a lot about the quality of his music. I looked him up on Wikipedia and was surprised that he sells quite a lot of his CDs. But it is like Gandi said, he is mostly known among an older generation, without taste in music. However, there are some “Schlagerpartys” in Germany, where everybody gets really drunk, shitfaced drunk, and they no longer care about that terrible music.

  • Heidi

    LOL…funny. The song is actually kinda catchy 🙂