Mass Effect’s Mordin Solus Gets the Cosplay Treatment

I may not have chosen him in battle very often, but Mass Effect 2’s Mordin Solus was definitely one of my favorite members of my squad to talk to after hours. He’s one of the funniest, quirkiest video game characters since Glados, and his advice on how to hook up with my various crew members was invaluable.

It’s good to see someone else share the same appreciation for the character. At PAX East, Danosuke debuted his elaborately hand made costume for Dr. Solus, and he did a pretty damn fine job of it. It’s not quite as flawless as the Garrus, Jack and Miranda costumes we’ve seen previously, but it’s pretty damn good. Looking at the actual character, his head is quite a bit more elongated than this, but I suppose a human does have to fit in there.

Check out the rest of the photos of the costume below, including one of the mask itself in treatment.

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