Mass Effect Meets Cowboy Bebop


I haven’t gotten the chance to watch Cowboy Bebop yet, as the prospect of how many episodes there are seems exhausting. Are there any fans out there who absolutely recommend it as it’ll be one of the best animated shows I’ll ever see? Because if so, I might actually check it out, even though it will take me years to get through.

And if there are fans out there of either Bebop, or more likely, Mass Effect, both sides should appreciate this video which introduces every cast member from ME1 and ME2 in the style of Bebop. With the fake movie poster I have going up after, it would appear today is Mass Effect day for no reason, but that’s alright, as it’s a game I actually play as opposed to Pokemon.

Check out the intro above, and I think someone should seriously consider making a Mass Effect animated series.

  • MajorTool

    <3 Bebop.
    I recommend Samurai Champloo over Bebop though.

  • FirstTimeLongTime

    Bebop is only 26 episodes long, you can plow through it faster than a season of The Wire. It’s definately worth the time investment, IMO.

  • ORA

    I truly recommend for you to watch Cobwoy Bebop its by far one of the best Anime series out there in general. Its got a great cast that comes together. To this day i say that Bebop has the best Ending based ont the characters and story. its only 26 sessions(episodes) to watch so its not that bad. great musical soundtrack, great america voice cast. I’ve yet to meet anyone who thinks otherwise. BtW Samurai Champloo is a great series on its own but its no Bebop. I recommend both.

  • Josh

    GO! WATCH! NOW! It’s only 26 half hour episodes and one movie, thats like 15 hours of material, not a lot =P

  • Minutia

    Bebop is definitely worth a watch. It has every element of a timeless saga. Besides the random side stories of chasing zany bounties and getting into trouble, the on running main plot is just hands down amazing. Its shorter than watching most shows and to top it off, there’s a movie. Watch it.

  • Lyre

    Bebop is my favorite animated series of all time, slightly above Avatar: The Las Airbender. You should definitely check it out and DON’T forget to watch the movie.

    On another note, I’m not sure if it’s the ad screwing up or if it was just built that way, but the “Rift” ad that comes up every three page-loads or so can’t be exited and is really annoying. I end up having to reload the page which takes forever.

  • romple

    CB is awesome! there’s only 26 episodes. The “main” plot would revolve around Vicious though. So if you really can’t watch all 26 I’d recommend picking these episodes (in order!)

    EP 5: Ballad of Fallen Angels
    EP 12-13: Jupiter Jazz parts 1 and 2.
    EP 25-26: The Real Folk Blues parts 1 and 2. (THESE ARE THE LAST EPISODES!!!! If you plan on watching the entire series just watch all episodes. Only skip to these if you’re really that busy)

  • Avi

    It is one of my favorite non-comedic animated shows ever along with Avatar. Considering how short the show is and its quality there is no reason you should not see it.

  • GiantDrunkenRobot

    I can’t recommend Cowboy Bebop highly enough.

    Knowing how much you enjoy Firefly, I think Cowboy Bebop is a must. It’s funny, clever and endearing in many of the same ways, even though you’re dealing with a smaller crew and a bit wackier premise. I know that’s high praise, but I stand by it.

    It’s also worth mentioning that the series + movie tell a complete story, this isn’t left open-ended or half-finished.

    Some others have mentioned the soundtrack, it is quite simply the most varied and interesting soundtrack ever assembled for an anime series, and possibly for any television series, ever. It’s nothing like a traditional anime soundtrack, instead taking it’s cues from acid jazz, hip-hop, rock and big beat influences. The opening theme, “Tank!” still sends chills down my spine every time I hear it.

    You can get the whole series, minus the movie, for about $38 on Amazon. This is the “remix”, which cleaned up the images a bit and upgraded the sound mix to Dolby 5.1-

  • #Lee

    I highly recommend Cowboy Bebop, it’s one of my favorite animated shows of all time. The story is well told, and the English voice cast is very memorable. I would enjoy hearing your appraisal of the show. I would also highly recommend Samurai Champloo, for the same reasons.

  • Almighty Pinecone

    Bebop is an easy anime to get into, with only what 26 episodes? I think 26 is the max, at 22 mins each, cake walk can get it done within a weekend of nothing to do. Also it isn’t so far out there in terms of understanding, no magic, no random ass shit. Just people in space. Check it out.

  • Cracky

    Yeah, it’s been said, but Bebop is so very worth it. I had a friend who was obsessed with it, and I couldn’t help but judge him for it. Then I watched it, and was blown away by how moving the stories/characters were.

    Also, episode 17 “Mushroom Samba” is one of the most hilarious half-hours I think I’ve ever watched anywhere.

  • some guy

    yes bebop is a must see…and there aren’t too many episodes, only 26 episodes at 30 min a piece…it doesn’t take that long, it is a must see

  • Alright, I think I was mixing up Bebop with Neon Genesis Evangelon or whatever that show is called. I’ll have to check out Bebop if it’s that short.

  • Wilm210

    I dont like anime in general but Cowboy bebop in an exception. That show is a masterpiece! Seriously though, when you have the time in your busy schedule, give it a watch.

  • jon

    at the very least, watch the bebop movie. it is very well made

  • Austin

    /// Alright, I think I was mixing up Bebop with Neon Genesis Evangelon or whatever that show is called. ///

    Most anime shows are 12-13 episodes long, 22-26 episodes long, or ~50 episodes long. Only ones like Naruto/Bleach go much longer than that.

    NGE is also only 26.

  • Ah yes, bebooop! Hands down best. Champloo is great too, as said. I also recommend Mushishi for its incredibly unique stories.

  • Gank

    You very much owe it to yourself to watch Cowboy Bebop. Yoko Kanno should correctly rock your world.

  • NY not NYC

    I love Bebop. Baaack in college I made my girlfriend now wife, roommate, and suitemate watch the series.

    Wife thought it was good. She hates everything in general.

    Roommate said “it’s a fucking cartoon” and left it at that.

    Suitemate would be found in bars later, crying, doing shots for Spike.

    Nevertheless, you need to friggin’ watch it.

  • The Dylanthropist

    probably the two best anime series out there. Bebop and champloo… One’s a jazzy space opera, and the others a hip hop inspired feudal japanese saga. You can’t go wrong!
    oh and I loved Neon Genesis Evangelion as well, but i won’t lie when i say it gets pretty warped towards the end. Not to mention all the rewrites and remakes.
    either way, all these shows are one season, you can bang that out in a weekend easy.

  • Jeff

    26 episodes are daunting?
    I guess you won’t be watching 489 (and counting) episodes of One Piece.

  • Random Leon

    the english version of one piece is the G version of a PG version (the japanese version of the anime, toned down for kids) of a PG-13 manga. if anyone is thinking of getting into it, be ready for ridiculous things like cigarettes being replaced with lolly-pops.

  • Velcro

    26 is nothing to get through (plus a movie). Popular series such as Bleach and Naruto are running at over 300 episodes.


    This is one of the few anime shows that is able to pass for amazing by those who hate anime/cartoons.

    Case in point, when I was dating a sorority girl during college I showed her a few episodes and she was hooked. She asked to borrow my dvd’s and when her sisters found her watching it in the living room she was ridiculed. Four hours later the entire sorority was watching the adventures of Spike.

    Soon after they had purchased a house copy and for a year they would watch a few episodes of Cowboy before hitting the bars on Friday night. And several of their meat head boyfriends would show up to watch with their girls.

    Greatest amine ever? Personaly, I don’t think so.

    Anime that is easily accepted and loved by everyone, even those who beat up Dragon Ball fans in high school? Most definetly.

  • Mary

    Um… do you even know how many eps there are?
    There are only 26 eps and one movie that won’t take you years to watch!! In fact this considered a short series. I really recommend you watch it. the cast and story line are very good. only took me 2 days to watch it lol.

  • trevor

    There are only 26 episodes. I’m not a fan of most anime but Cowboy Bebop is one of my favorite t.v series of all time. Its so well written. Also watch Samurai Champloo if you get a chance.