Mario Party Meets Left 4 Dead

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Fun fact, Mario Party games, any of them, I hate probably more than any other mainstream title out there. Even in college, my friends would want to play, and they would freaking take like three hours, and I’d lose by one star at the end because someone randomly got awarded one for landing on too many red spaces. BULLSHIT.

Anyway, I would probably be more apt to play Mario Party if this minigame was in the mix. The piece is by Josh Hano, and shows what it might look like if the Mario gang had to deal with both their friends and enemies turning into zombies. Naturally Luigi is getting screwed as usual. I particularly like Rosalina the witch, DK the Boomer and Bowser the Tank. Very well done indeed.

  • BatFan

    BTW: DK is a charger…

    Wario is the Boomer!

    My favorite part is Toad hesitating to blow Infected-Toadette up!

  • drown_panda

    Didn’t notice that there was only one infected toadette attacking toad. Almost missed koopa the hunter. Does that make lakuta the jockey? Hope another L4D game comes out soon.

  • Chris Woodward

    Not trying to be a jerk, just offering a correction. DK is the charger, Wario is the Boomer. Great find– thanks for sharing.

  • Jim Jahey

    ^Not trying to be a jerk as you mention it over one full day after the first poster already did? Yeah, I believe that…