Mana and Health Potion Earrings

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For the fashionably geeky girl, or enterprising fellow I suppose, here is a must-have pair of earrings that will reflect your love for well, every RPG ever made, but probably is the closest to Diablo, judging by what they’re sitting on.

They’ll restore your mana and health, and according to the Etsy page, will only set you back $13. Not a bad price to pay for being the coolest person around once you’re wearing them.

Now, who can make me a Stone of Jordan ring? How about 57 of them?

  • Now, if I only had a girlfriend nerdy enough to wear them. Wait, girlfriend? lol


  • MattChi

    Cheers JapJay

    *Raises Glass*

  • Ben

    I think girls who are nerdy looks cool in these kind of stuff. coz overall they make themselves full of colorful things.

  • Sunny

    OMG I love these! Going to go order a pair!