Man, Zelda Had a Lot of Swords

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You think of Link from the Legend of Zelda, and one main weapon comes to mind: the Master Sword. It’s the key to many plotlines in the game, and what you use a great deal of the time across all the titles.

But if you’ll recall, there are many other swords you can choose from, and some crazy person (DeviantArt’s Spongeboy1985) has decided to compile them all into this one graphic. I forgot about the vast majority of these, and I’d be curious to see a follow up graphic that was just every equippable item from every one of these games, which would make for a far bigger picture. Link’s got to have a bad back after carrying around all that for all these years.

Check out the picture above via Geekologie, and get ready to add your Wiimote as a sword to this list once Skyward Sword comes out and you’re waggling your enemies to death.


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