Making Fun of Crappy Kids Drawings of Nintendo Characters

Kids Nintendo

Oh come on Mom!  You’re proud of your kid for this drawing?  Mario is supposed to be some kind of half smiley faced red devil?  Hell this kid is seven years old for Christ’s sake.  THIS is the picture you decide to post online on Flickr?  You’ve gotta be kidding me.

The damned kid probably plays Nintendo 16 hours a day and this is the best drawing he could come up with?  How about a mustache?  Something, anything reminding me of Mario.  And what the hell is this kid writing Mario four times for?

Some kids have no place drawing anything, let alone Nintendo characters

*For the record I’m well aware that Maddox did a post like this which is WAY better than this one.  Maddox, if I offended you buddy, I’m sorry.  I simply had nothing better to do today.  That is all.

Mario and Luigi

Kids Nintendo

Hey hey!  It’s the noseless duo of Mario and Luigi!  I didn’t know Luigi’s feet were shaped like peanuts and that his left hand had 8 fingers.  His right hand also appears to be a stump.   And Mario only has one hand!  Come on kid, what gives here?  And since when do these guys wear their hats off to the sides?  And are those giant U’s supposed to be suspenders?  I don’t care if this kid is 7.  This picture completely sucks and I want a refund.


Kids Nintendo

Interesting.  I didn’t know Link looked like a pubescent angry female with extra long women’s boots.   Can someone explain what the stick figure thing off to the right is?  Does it have a penis and is it shooing something off to the left?  Why is Link bow legged?  Why does Link have a hairy red left hand?  And why the hell is Link wearing a pregnant sun dress?  Clean it up kid.


Kids Nintendo

Um.  Is this like Bat Monkey with a blue mole or something?  Those might be the scariest penis fingers I’ve ever seen.

Monkey Ball

Kids Nintendo

This is what you call Super Monkey ball?  What is that flames on the ground?  Is that supposed to be a monkey?  It kind of looks like a bull with a ring in its nose.   And what is this flying bubble it’s in?  Are monkeys normally the size of palm trees?  Hmm.  I didn’t know that.  Mom and Dad, how would you like it if I brought in a monkey that was 40 ft tall that looked like a bull?  I don’t think your son would like it one bit.  Clean it up and I’m sending a pit bull over.


Kids Nintendo

The “S” kind of looks like the mouth to a fish.    I don’t even want to get into the head.    Why are Sonic’s ears in his hair?  And is his right foot always supposed to look like a curved chopping knife?  I’m very afraid of Sonic’s head.  It’s just dangerous and extremely flammable.


Kids Nintendo

This is the worst Gameboy picture of all time.

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  • Steve

    That last one is supposed to be of a Nintendo DS … not a GameBoy … it still sucks tho!

  • Anaughtybear

    Children are stupid.

  • BillyRaab

    while im all for making fun of children, i should point out you called luigi’s feet “feat” instead. i mean, you cannot make fun of people when your first paragraph has a simple thing like that spelled wrong!

  • Chris

    “I didn’t know Luigi’s feat were shaped like peanuts and that is left hand had 8 fingers. His right hand also appears to be a stump. And Mario is only has one hand! Come on kid, what gives here?”

    His feat? “that is left hand had 8 fingers”? “And Mario is only has one hand”?

    Make fun of seven year old’s more please… You’re right on par.

  • seanpomeroy

    Great job stealing maddox’s gimmick. You suck.

  • FAH Q

    very original, stealing material from Maddox. Best page in the universe pwns your plagiarizing ass!

  • Noshnoj Jobe

    This is such of rip off of The Best Page In The Universe…

  • Greg

    Way to steal an idea from 7 years ago.

  • Will

    Greg hit the nail on the head. An obvious rip from one of Maddox’s more memorable posts.

  • Maxwerm

    First of all, I don’t even know what this is. If it’s supposed to be funny, then it’s the shittiest page I’ve ever seen. F

  • Tech_God

    A horrible job at plagiarizing to boot. Maddox’s material is 20 times better.

  • breasts

    its a ripoff and far less amusing. ask some more questions too.

  • Nattyb

    Jesus Christ guys! I was just fucking around having some fun. I’m well aware of the ability of Maddox and am not trying to emulate or rip the guy off. Why don’t you all tell me how you REALLY feel?

  • LJ

    Wow, I can’t believe how shitty this is. You just make apparent observations, and as far as grammar and spelling goes you’re on the same level as the kids that drew these pictures. It was funny when Maddox did it. Your pathetic attempt at ripping him off is the funniest thing about this. Do yourself a favor and never post anything online again.

  • Maxwerm

    Fuck around and have some fun on your own fucking time. Don’t waste mine. Also, if you’re aware of Madoxx’s abilities, why weren’t you aware of the idea you didn’t emulate rip off? Not to be too hostile, dude, but you kinda brought it on yourself.

  • Allan

    “Jesus Christ guys! I was just fucking around having some fun. I’m well aware of the ability of Maddox and am not trying to emulate or rip the guy off. Why don’t you all tell me how you REALLY feel?”

    ok, you’re a hack. and your comments really weren’t all that good either. you probably smell bad.

  • Joseph mckay

    I don’t know why so many people are hating. They must be parents who have stupid ass kids that make these kinda stupid ass drawings. Then they’re forced to hang um up and cause an eyesore at work.

    Anyway, I absolutley LOVED this article and could not stop laughing. I felt as if I was being tickled to death by a thousand hands! I tried to read it in class but I kept laughing so hard in such a quiet class I had to save it for later. Just seeing the pics for a split second sent me on an unstoppable laugh spree! I finally got arpund to it and could not get enough. I was freakin dying of pain in my stomach and jaw. I took a look at that maddox guys version and did not laugh half as much. His descriptions felt half hearted and rushed as they were too short and not as funny. Yours is very descriptive and you really get down to the nitty gritty. I hope you do another, hell I hope you do it as a once or twice a week thing. This is waaaay to funny !!!!

  • TTT

    Hey way to do a half-ass job ripping off Maddox you no-talent assclown.

  • Madison

    @ Maxwerm

    “Fuck around and have some fun on your own fucking time. Don’t waste mine.”

    God, I love this. So, who was it that forced you to read the article and waste your time?

  • Maxwerm

    “God, I love this. So, who was it that forced you to read the article and waste your time?”
    God this is so clever. Since I feel my time was wasted at this page, I must have been forced? You “got” me! My time must therefore not have been wasted. Someone posted a link to this page, implying it was somehow worthwhile – turns out it wasn’t – you fucking pretentious cunt.

  • Joseph mckay

    @ Max , STFU and go hang up more pictures of your retarded kids ugly ass drawings at work.

  • mike oxlong

    first, sonic is not a nintendo character

    second, your jokes are about funny as those drawings are good.

  • dogdick

    way to be a hack.

  • Bryan

    The damage has been done. Things cannot be unseen.

    Slink away into the darkness author.

  • Jim

    This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen on the internet. I was laughing like crazy for a few minutes, it was awesome. I also can’t understand all the hate, I read that other page and it’s not nearly as funny. It doesn’t matter if it came out 30 years before and had legendary status, it ain’t that fucking funny. And yet this is.

    And if you read his post and are blaming him for wasting your time, you are a fucktard. Probably so retarded that you wouldn’t even be able to produce art as good as these kids.

  • Jak

    Nice one maddox…

  • Fran

    Maddox? Is that you?

  • this shit is wack

    Wow really? You knew this same idea existed, and you posted the exact same thing, but you’re weren’t trying to rip him off? If that’s not trying to rip someone off, I don’t know what is.

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  • *sniff *

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  • Maxwerm

    Good one, Jim. You really do know comedy.

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  • the indian

    you ripped this off of maddox… loser

  • the first one was soooooooooo bad but the little kid was cute so sad……

  • i love this site i go on all the time to show my friends i am 35 and love lookin at these dumb drawings. it is sad how some kids can draw this bad.

  • jacob

    real original… not. douchebag

  • mohammed

    funny funny stuff some shit pictures

  • Maggie

    Not only did you rip off Maddox’s idea but you also made it completely lame and blatantly unfunny. Congratulations.

  • dan

    This is really lame, not funny, a rip off of Maddox, plus you’re probably gay, which means you’re gay.

  • Leonard

    What kind of retard makes fun of children. They’ll probably grow up to be smarter and better than you.