Steampunk: The Game is Creepy, but I Want It


Alright, it’s not called Steampunk: The Game but it might as well be, I mean look at it! It’s actually titled Machinarium, and it’s by some indie studio. I don’t know much else about it, other than it’s a platformer/puzzle solving game, and it features a robotic child version of Admiral Ackbar as a protagonist. Can’t really go wrong with that.

I’ve no idea when and where this is coming out, but it seems like something that you should be able to download on PSN or XBL for $15, like Braid, the last game I thought worthwhile enough to actually stoop to purchasing “Microsoft Points.” Christ, when are we going to get rid of those already? I’m MORE likely to buy stuff if I can compute how much it actually costs, you idiots!