Loneliness: The Game

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Do you wish you could be a lonely fat man obsessed with fictional anime girls, but you have too much of a life to do so? Well now you can with The Sims: Otaku! Play as any number of fat slobs, and waste as much time as you like ogling animated girls. When you order your first Real Doll, the game sets your computer on fire.

But seriously, what this really is turns out to be a Korean animation making fun of Japanese Otaku culture which is well, this. Sad as it may seem, there are HUGE numbers of Japanese males shunning real life relationships with women in favor of fake animated girls from hentai shows and dating sims. And yes, they use body pillows like the ones stacked in the corner, and sometimes even go on VACATION with their IMAGINARY GIRLFRIENDS! Welcome to the 21st century I guess.


  1. JapJay July 20, 2011
  2. Phat Daddi July 20, 2011

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