Seven Awesome Live Action Video Game Commercials

Sure, a lot of game trailers featuring mostly game play get the job done,  but the best commercials in video games are the ones that bring a game, or a game concept to life using real people.

Well at least we think so.  It’s almost too easy to get the job done with graphics these days.  Get a human in there and see what you can do!

Speaking of which, here are seven awesome live action video game commercials….

Halo 3


Director Neill Blomkamp explores the lives of Marines and ODSTs on a last, desperate mission in a post-invasion Earth — a mission that may secure the salvation, or usher the destruction of the entire galaxy

Legend of Zelda:  A Link to the Past


This is a commercial made in 1991 in of course:  Japan.  And as you can see, it’s weird as hell.

Halo:  Reach


It’s no surprise that we’re featuring Halo twice here.  It’s just that good.  As someone once put it, these are the “Saving Private Ryan” of game trailers.  Truly awesome.

Resident Evil 5


The biohazard threat has not ended: Just when it seemed that the menace of Resident Evil had been destroyed, along comes a new terror to send shivers down player’s spines

Super Mario Brothers 3


How many franchises can get away with this?  Using one word globally like this?  Absolutely awesome.

Sonic and Knuckles


I just love that little guy who plays the badass warrior in Willow.  Whatever happened to that dude?

Nintendo Entertainment System


Easily one of the creepiest commercials of all time, this particular spot uses the popular-at-the-time technique of putting really horrible CGI/cartoons in with people (did you SEE Cool World?) and thinking it looks awesome.

  • Kaeyne

    Wow, now I know where the Borg originated – from old NES consoles!

  • sfR

    Anyone know which song is played during the Halo: Reach one?

  • Kristoph

    ODST one rapes that Reach one 🙂

  • Colra

    What about the Star Wars Old Republic trailer from last year? That trailer was the best thing Star Wars has done in the last 20 years.

  • Josh

    I can’t view the vids (yay for YouTube being blocked at work), but I am amazed that only two Halo trailers made it. The ODST museum campaign was brilliantly executed. Possibly the best game trailer campaign in history. Reach had 4 or 5 live action trailers (though I assume you show the one where Six takes the bomb from Kat) that were all top notch. Then you have Halo 3 which had 2 or 3 as well (especially that first teaser trailer which was actually all live action, wrapped up in CGI like they did with Avatar)

    It doesn’t matter, though. None of these even come close to the Mad World trailer for GoW and the similar teaser for GoW3.

  • Bandit

    Is it just me, or would a Terran Marine rape a Halo Marine and make him like it?

  • Joe

    Not technically a commercial, but let’s not kid ourselves about the greatest live-action video game advertisement of all-time…

  • Edi

    “Is it just me, or would a Terran Marine rape a Halo Marine and make him like it?”

    A Terran Marine is armored more along the lines of what the Spartans are armed like. Or, I suppose like Space Marines from 40k. The Marines in Halo are just regular guys with standard armor and weapons.

    Also, I’m surprised the ODST live action commercial was left out… Perhaps you could have combined the various Halo live action commercials as one?

  • Diva D

    I’m with Edi. That ODST ad is probably my favorite thing on this list, and it’s not even on this list.

  • Chewy

    What about the black ops commercial with all the celebrities? Now that commercial kicked ass. Kobe Bryant and Jimmy Kimmel playing with your grandma and mailman. that was genius.

  • They can make a live action video short. they made live action reach commercial’s. but they wont make a movie. a halo movie would be so freaking cool

  • David Knapp

    Wow. I can’t believe you didn’t get Metroid Prime. Sonic and Knuckles? Really?

  • jordan

    i didnt know that blue cool-aid made you a spartan