Live Action Portal is as Cool as it Should Be


This video is from the 2011 Fanime Masquerade, where there was a sort of high school talent show-like performance section that one skit dominated. The other videos have a few hundred views apiece, but this one? 200,000.

Naturally, it’s Portal themed, as it’s three weeks after Portal 2 is out and I can’t seem to stop writing about it. It’s a live action demonstration of portals in action, complete with GLaDOS voice and Chell body doubles to make sure the portal system appears to work.

Very creative, and I’d now love to see a Portal broadway musical, wouldn’t you?

  • Metallimetal

    Is it weird that I sort of got chills watching this??? Creative and simple, but very effective!

    What’s sad is, I bought Portal 2 for the PS3 the week it came out. However, PSN was completely out of commission at the time, so I decided to hook up my Xbox 360 instead. I have yet to play another game on the PS3 since… I’m sure I’ll get around to it, but I’m really not sure when that will be.

  • JB

    That skit triggers my slow clap processor.