Live Action ME3 Trailer is Good, Not Great


Live action video game trailers are all the rage now, so it’s no surprise that Mass Effect gets one as well. But I would say that it’s not quite as profound as any we’ve seen from Halo or Deus Ex, as live-action alone does not necessarily make an effective spot.

I thought the Reaper invasion part was cool, but it needed more to it than just Shepard swooping in and capping a few bad guys at the end. I guess you take what you can get in a minute long spot, and I’m sure that tiny segment alone cost a pretty penny.

  • Paul S.

    Surprised they didn’t do the old Sam Worthington/Jonah Hill combo(very happy they didn’t attempt something like that though)….anywho I love/hate these live action trailers for video games. Love them because it gets me pumped for the game (obviously) but I hate them because they’re teasing my inner fan-boy with what they could do with these properties outside of the video game genre. I loved your article about how Mass Effect should be a series on HBO and I really think there is potential for one. I just wish I knew who to intimidate into making this happen.

  • Skeebo

    Just a teaser, larger launch trailer to come.

  • Lima Zulu

    Well, they could’ve given Shep a helmet and left them gender-neutral, but nope. Who wants to do that? Ffs.

  • Dzuksi

    Skyrim’s live action trailer is miles better:

    and i am not even fan of Skyrim.

    Also, i laughed at scene where Reaper destroyed the middle of the bridge – c’mon it’s not like people are going to escape

  • Pretty lame imho. Doesn’t give the impression of the desperation of humanity to fight.