Links Unite to to Take on Their Greatest Foe

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It takes every possible Link from every possible universe to take on their greatest foe in history: Cucco. The chicken and his allies have been mercilessly hunting down Link for ages now, all because what? He hit him with his sword a few times? That’s easily forgivable.

I see one Link has already fallen to the dastardly bird, and the ten(?) others have assembled to take him into custody. I love the inclusion of 8-bit Link in the back.

[via Dorkly]

  • trashcanman

    You know, there are very few moments in gaming as joyously hilarious as the first time one got attacked by a flock of chickens in A Link to the Past. So unexpectedly brilliant.

  • Javier

    anyone notice the giant chicken behind 8-bit Link?
    I think the war is far from over..