Link the Ladies Man

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I never really did stop and think about if Princess Zelda would be upset if she knew about all Link’s other squeezes from the Ocarina of Time, but artist Der Kindergartner did, and he’s illustrated him getting an earful from her over the issue.

Now, I’m not sure why Zelda apparently has a man’s face, Link looks like Pauly Shore, Zora and Saria look Korean and Marin looks baked out of her mind, but I appreciate the overall idea.

Navi: Forever friendzoned.

  • RemyCarreiro

    Oh my God: ZELDA IS NIC CAGE!

  • Technically, if it’s all the ladies from OoT then it’s not Marin, but Malon.
    Marin was the girl in Link’s Awakening

  • Jim Lahey

    This is one of those, “you came up with a great idea, but let someone who actually knows what they’re doing draw it, because you clearly can’t,” projects.

  • Brian

    I think the art is great. It adds to the humor. I think you guys are too used to video game females being represented as sex objects to know any different.

  • Demonic

    No Brian, Im pretty sure its just creepy. Even if they didn’t make it look like the video characters the artist could have done a better job.

  • Iname

    Yeah, I don’t particularly like this art. It could have looked great, but instead we got this menagerie of pretty damn creepy peeps.

    Not the marshmallow kind, either.