Link of War

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Today’s awesome DeviantArt picture of the day is from David Hsu Yen, which he describes as “The Legend of Zelda meets God of War.” It’s phenomenally done as you can see, but I can’t help but imagine that Link would get torn apart in the God of War universe, while Kratos would probably tear through everyone and be King of Hyrule before lunchtime.

It’s been a long time since I played the original GOW, but is this a form of Ares, the final boss in the game? I remember the red beard, but not as much the horns and all that.

It also reminds me of the (much less well done) picture I drew a while ago for my friend, Kratos vs. Link. David, care to take my picture and make it as awesome as this one?

  • John D.

    Ares?? Thats obviously Ganon.

  • Bigdog

    umm, this looks pretty good. Crazy good, actually.

  • Henrik

    Link would kick Kratos’ ass.

  • hank

    it’s ganon. sheesh, you’re off a lot with recognizing these things.

  • Noman679

    Link trumps everyone, Kratos would be a mini-boss on the way to zeus.

  • sepirothpk

    Link has felled things larger than anything in the GOW universe (not literally, of course). Also, Link can come back from the dead. Link would own GOW, especially with a spin attack.

  • moe

    @sephirothpk: As much as I agree with you and that I do think Link is the better character, let’s not forget that Kratos has come back from the dead at least once already as well….

    I think ultimately link has a better arsenal at his disposal, but Kratos would not be a walk in the park for him

    and @paul: seriously dude, that’s Ganon

  • sepirothpk

    True. However, Link has the gods/godesses on his side. Kratos has them against him.

  • Luna

    No, not Ares. It’s Ganon – it’s done in the “I could never defeat this guy”-style of God of War, but it’s not literally GoW.