Link Isn’t a Girl, or a Redhead, but Watch Me Not Care

It’s vaguely disconcerting that Link cosplay almost always looks better when a girl’s doing it than when a guy’s doing it. To be fair, put a hot girl in any male-oriented costume and you probably won’t get too many complaints. This entire gallery is proof of that.

But today we’re just focusing on one example, from aspiring model Abigail Pressler who certainly captured our attention with her gender and hair color appropriated version of Link. How dare she! But oh, she has the ears, that’s adorable. I guess she didn’t want to wear the hat though. That hat pretty much always looks stupid.

Check out the rest of her pics below and try to avoid any type of  “I’d get stuck in her Water Temple” jokes. Actually, that one was pretty good.

Awww she had to bust out the Wiimote?

It’s OK, I forgive you.