Link Isn’t a Girl, or a Redhead, but Watch Me Not Care

It’s vaguely disconcerting that Link cosplay almost always looks better when a girl’s doing it than when a guy’s doing it. To be fair, put a hot girl in any male-oriented costume and you probably won’t get too many complaints. This entire gallery is proof of that.

But today we’re just focusing on one example, from aspiring model Abigail Pressler who certainly captured our attention with her gender and hair color appropriated version of Link. How dare she! But oh, she has the ears, that’s adorable. I guess she didn’t want to wear the hat though. That hat pretty much always looks stupid.

Check out the rest of her pics below and try to avoid any type of  “I’d get stuck in her Water Temple” jokes. Actually, that one was pretty good.

Awww she had to bust out the Wiimote?

It’s OK, I forgive you.

  • Jim Jahey

    Of course Link is going to look better as a woman. It’s for the same reason that women always look better in cosplay: anime (and most video games use an anime-based style since they’re made in Japan) men are made with supermodel proportions. The men usually are extremely skinny and long-limbed (and their heads are about 3/4 the size they should be for their body size, but I digress), which means most real men are too bulky and wide to play them well.

  • Peter Cantropus

    This is actually not Link… It’s links daughter. And she looks quite like her mother.

    You know, what happens in Lon-Lon Ranch does not allways stay in Lon-Lon Ranch.

  • Miguel

    I approve of Peter’s statement, and furthermore wonder where my Legend of Zelda with a female Link as the protagonist (Or better yet, a later or earlier incarnation of Malon) is.

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  • It’s Alissa Guardian of Time, and that looks quite like her. Wonderful pics, thanks for sharing. She’s a friend of mine and has a web page or many I forget but here’s one:

    she has some really nice drawings and the cutest little iconic animations i have ever seen of herself