Link Has an Inventory Problem


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With a few measly pouches on his outfit, have you ever wondered how Link manages to hold all the items and weapons he acquires on his adventures? Well, one artist did, and that’s inspired this picture here, which has only a handful of the more cumbersome things Link is supposed to be hauling around on a daily basis.

If that’s how big rupees are, his entire wallet would fill a Santa Claus-size knapsack, and a pouch of those bombs would probably restrict his movement to a three foot radius. I’ve gotta just go with the sword, the shield, and those delicious potions, and leave the rest behind.

If anyone knows the artist behind this, I’d love to give some credit and see what else they’ve got.


  1. Bryan June 14, 2010
  2. james garvey June 14, 2010
  3. Madison June 15, 2010

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