Let’s All Over Analyze the New Zelda Concept Art

zelda-concept.jpgFor some inexplicable reason this year at E3, Nintendo’s Miyamoto decided to skip the company’s keynote, instead waiting until a later camera-free conference to announce that yes, there is a new Zelda game coming, eventually. Then he showed us this.The artwork has derived many interpretations in the public and the media, and even though there is no title to be found, many think that the statuesque woman has something to do with Link’s Master Sword because well, she looks like Link’s Master Sword.  Sort of.Are there any other clues we’re missing here? Does the red chasm-ish background imply Link is going to hell? Does the fact that the statue is bowlegged mean that Link is getting a bow upgrade?  I doubt it, because Miyamoto isn’t Hideo Kojima, hiding secret messages in everything from teaser websites to ham sandwiches, but maybe, just maybe.


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