Let Me Introduce You to the Ocarina of Rhyme

Holy crap, I didn’t think Googling “Zelda ghetto” would turn up anything, much less an image as cool as this. And it’s the perfect way to open up what you’re about the experience with the Ocarina of Rhyme.

It was introduced to me by a reader when I posted this Kirby/Snoop Dogg mash-up, and my eyes were opened that the concept of mixing rap and video game tracks was not a new one.

It was created by Team Teamwork (great name), and I’ve posted the best tracks I can find from it below, which may in fact be all of them. If this doesn’t help you rock out during your school or work day, I’m not sure what will.

Busta Rhymes – Don’t Touch Me (Gerudo Valley)


Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg – Still D.R.E (Getting Treasure)


MF Doom – Vomit (Lon Lon Ranch)


Common – I Used to Love H.E.R. (Hyrule Market)


Aesop Rock – Jumper Cables (Goron Village)


Clipse – Virginia (Lost Woods)


Slim Thug and Mikes Jones – Still Tippin’ (Great Fairy’s Fountain)


Jay-Z – No Hook (Meeting the Owl)


Spank Rock – IMC (Zora’s Domain)



  • Clay

    If you like this then you should check out Goldnfly. Same concept but with the music of Goldeneye.


  • matt

    im actually thinking of buying a DS just to play ocarina of time

  • djdev

    i have been listening to this for the past couple of months and this is so awesome my tiny brain cannot comprehend it

    and you posted all of the songs, not just the best ones.

    if anyone is interested in downloading the songs, team teamwork still has a download link on their own awesomely designed website (google it)

  • PaBo

    That’s awesome! My favorite two are the Jay-Z and Clipse songs. The whole album though gets me through boring days.

    As for other mash-ups (not as much gaming ones but still great songs) you should check out Bootie Blog if you haven’t yet: http://bootiemashup.com/blog/

    They have updates every month and they are free!

  • Silas

    Check out there Vinyl Fantasy 7 Album too it’s awesome

  • Never thought of taking those classic songs & turnin’ them into beats.


  • djHme

    try this,

    Vinyl Fantasy VII


    some good mash ups on this album, helps its my fav game of all time