LEGO Pulling on the Old Heartstrings

I believe I may have featured this in yesterday’s Countdown, but I finally got to watch it myself as it was too cute not to share. LEGO is a holiday staple for all of time, and they have a new father/son ad out that shows how those little blocks can be a bonding experience between a parent and child.

As someone who spent years of childhood building all manner of playsets, I loved this. For some reason or another, the one playset I really got into wasn’t licensed at all. It was just their “Undersea adventures” one where two different groups did battle in LEGO submarines and bases underwater. I didn’t need Harry Potter or Star Wars LEGOs to have fun. I could make up my own stories with those submarines.

Unlike this kid, I was VERY strict about following instructions on the box, and would NEVER mix up my LEGOS which was like a mortal sin to me. How could I ever build the thing on the box if I didn’t have all the pieces together?? Needless to say, that’s probably where my OCD started.

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