A Legitimate Theory about What Super Mario Brothers is Really About


It boggles my mind that Super Mario Brother for NES was released in 1985.  For those of you counting, that’s over 30 years.  Yes, 30 years.  And in that time we’ve seen more variations of Mario and games involving the character that we can count.  From Fanart to music to real life exhibitions to video to everything you can possibly imagine, there’s just too much to cover in the Mario universe.

Speaking of things to cover.  One area that will never get old is theories.  There are oodles and oodles of theories about Super Mario brothers but one I game across today is so simple and yet so true that I wanted to share it with you.

Did you ever notice that the flag Mario takes down at the end of each level has a peace symbol on it? This might indicate that all the Goombas and Koopas in the original Super Mario Bros game are peaceful beings and is probably why none of them seem to want to kill Mario in the first worlds, but as the character continues his killing spree, the creatures of the land fight back.

Seeing how violent Mario can get I bet princess peach left him for Browser, who has many castles and lots of coins.

Super Mario Brothers is a game about kidnapping your ex girlfriend.

What do you think?

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