Legend of Zelda Meets Magic the Gathering


Did you play collect Magic cards growing up? Well, I didn’t because my parents thought they were evil and my soul would be eaten by the devil if I partook. This is why I currently have an entire binder full of every Pokemon card ever made instead.

But in any case, if you did play the game, you’ll appreciate these cards, which give various Zelda characters and locales the Magic the Gathering treatment. I supposed you could do this with anything, but I think Zelda lends itself to that kind of mythology. I’m frankly surprised these cards don’t actually exist already.

Check out the Master Sword and Ganondorf below:



  • Jason

    As an MTG nerd, both the wording and absurdly high power-level (+4, unblockable and double strike! Come on) bother me. Cool idea nonetheless.

  • Hazi

    I just keep wondering why an unblockable creature would have trample…

  • Dan

    As a huge fan of both series, I can appreciate both. As an avid magic player, these cards are horrendous, and as a Zelda fan, these cards don’t do the characters justice.

  • Lagrange

    Turns out that I am (or rather was) a quite competative magic player. 3.702 out of 177.694 players worldwide DCI rating. We even traveled to Amerdam to play Grand Prix’s. Good times.

    And I even did my own cards with that program for online contests for fun. And even if the ideas might be good, these cards are made by a noob.

    See for example, if you invest a couple of minutes, then you would create an edition symbol. This guy just used the defalut sqare for each of his cards. With the exaption of the trifore on the blue card, that’s a neat idea. Then “Link” as well as “Ganondorf” have unnecessary free spaces in the text box. Very lame. In any case you would try to choose the wording to be short. Conventionally more that 6 lines rules text is unwanted. There are some minor fails like the free space after Basic in the blue cards creature type. Then some of them are screenshots and not outputted as jpg.
    And don’t get me started on the wording itself. It’s obviouse a kid made this cards. Someone not playing magic for more than a couple of months. See the wording of magic card is quite like math – there are rules how text is written and it’s always the same.

    The blue cards says:
    “All spells cost one less mana to play as long as you have control of this creature.”
    Generally, just to reformulate to get started, if this formulation made sens, than it would read:
    “As long as you control this creature, spells you play cost one mana less.”
    In magic, the text of static abilities refer to the cards, so it would be, thus it would read:
    “As long as you control , spells you play cost one mana less.”
    Anyway, since this card only refers to itself, the Name is redundant and it would read:
    “Spells you play cost one mana less.”
    And the point is that this still doesn’t make no sens. The frase “One mana” has no meaning. It’s like saying 100 of this milk cost 50. No units, no meaning.
    In the end, what the guy ment is:
    “Spells you play cost one colorless mana less.”
    and thus the wording would be:
    “Spells you play cost (1) less.”

    Thank’s for nerd sniping me 😉

  • Lagrange

    It swallowed some of the symbols. The one line should read:

    In magic, the text of static abilities refer to the cards. Thus it would read:
    “As long as you control -Cardname-, spells you play cost one mana less.”

  • Bob

    The red spell-check marks are an epic fail.

  • Corey

    Wow you guys are MTG nerds, obviously the Zelda cards are for fun so chill the fuck out.

  • Paige

    Well, I am I huge fan of magic myself. Being a female gamer I find it rare to have a real conversation with people about magic and zelda. I love the idea of mixing zelda with magic, that’d be so wicked! Though some of the wordings on the card do not make sense to me. Why would you need first strike with an unblockable creater? Just saying, I love the idea of it. Very cool can’t wait for the m11 series to come out! WOOT!