Leaked Footage of a Live-Action Pokemon Movie? Excuse Me?


Yeah, yeah, more Pokemon. Moving on. Alright, see if you can help me figure this one out. This purports to be footage of a live action, gritty Pokemon movie that one person recorded and sent into the site ShogunGamer. The footage is only thirty-ish seconds, and features both automatic weapon fire and CGI Pokemon. Here’s the description according to the guy who sent it in as a tip:

I’ve been lurking this site for a while and I wanted to see if you were interested in posting this video I captured tonight. Today after work my friend and I were invited to view a “secret movie trailer screening.” We were not told what it would be, but when I got there 30 other people and myself were shown a trailer for a Pokemon live action movie. It was super sketchy but I decided to record the last 30 seconds or so of the trailer which was about 3 min long. The clip is in a zip file and the password is “gottacatchemall.” I can’t give you much more detail then this. I wasn’t supposed to film this, but holy shit it was awesome. I’ll be in touch with you guys when I can talk more about it.

[SendSpace.com URL Removed]

~Professor Oak

So, what is this? It looks too low quality to be an actual theatrical movie, and a legitimate live-action Pokemon movie would clearly never feature gunfire or Voltorbs used as car bombs (which is awesome, I must add). I would say maybe this was a publicity stunt by ShogunGamer to get other sites to link to them as I’m doing now, but even though it doesn’t look Hollywood quality, it doesn’t exactly look cheap or easy to make either, and this isn’t IGN we’re talking about who has the budget to make things like fake Zelda movie trailers.

What do you make of this? I genuinely have no idea what to think.

  • LawlessVictory

    Some early word is saying it’s a fan film, which sounds about right. Fan films/trailers are often screened in front of a group of the filmmakers friends.

  • Wizardface

    I saw this on kotaku this morning and they said it was a hoax. I really hope that it is a fan film though, because it looks awsome.

  • what? who needs guns when you have pokemon? then again they might of had magikarp.

  • Schutzenegger

    Seems super fake. Filler soundtrack, no SFX, and the cheering at the end is pretty canned. Also, there’s only one person’s head in the shot (no one in front or on the other side), and like was mentioned – the CGI for the pokémon was really bad looking.

  • JL

    Hi, can you please stop the ‘yea yea i’m posting pokemon’ thing? I effing love your pokemon posts!! no one is complaining!!

  • Drester

    I’m complaining, pokemon is not that great

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  • Kaeyne

    Here’s in better quality and looonger:

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  • Kaeyne

    You’re welcome. xDD

    And I agree. With better animations, this would’ve been exactly what the franchise needed.