League of Legends Review – Conquer Your Enemies

As online games hit the world by storm, some names manage to stand out from the rest, emerging victorious and winning the hearts of many players, young and old alike. One of these is none other than League of Legends. In this League of Legends review, you will get to know more about this game, and what it takes to have the best experience.

League of Legends at a Glance

League of Legends is a well acclaimed MOBA or multiplayer online battle arena game that took the online gaming scene to the next level. Originally released for PC and MAC back in 2009, this game is under the publishing of Riot Games. However, the Mac client closed down after some time.

This game provides the traditional 5v5 game you can find in other MOBA games, pitting two teams against one another on a map, known as Summoner’s Rift, wherein the main goal is to destroy the Nexus, or enemies’ base.

League of Legends incorporated the 3v3 option to the MOBA genre, introducing the Dominion game play mode. In this mode, the players will have to capture and hold a total of 5 objective points to reduce the health of the enemies’ Nexus. This particular game mode aims to create a gameplay mode with a faster pace.

Influence Points

These are the primary currency in the game, given to players for them to play games. The amount a player will earn will vary according to several factors such as the Summoner level, game level, and number of bots in a game. The IP or Influence Points are used for purchasing in-game items like runes and champions.

Riot Points

Another currency used in the game is the Riot Points, available through prepaid Riot Point Game Cards, credit or debit card, or via Paypal. Riot Points can be used for unlocking champions, rune pages, and different boosts. But, you cannot spend Riot Points on runes. You can earn the for free through numerous activities like referring your friends to the game.


Players can select from more than 92 playable champions, with the number continuously growing each week. Champions should be unlocked using Influence Points or Riot Points before they become playable. But, there are available free champions that can be played weekly to give Summoners the chance to trial the champions before they decide to make a purchase. There are different types of champions including Assassins, Supports, Bruisers, Junglers, Tanks, and Casters.  “League of legends is the best game of this era” says Tom from Right Casino.


Runes add certain flair of customization to the game. A player can increase different stats such as damage, health, movement speed, mana regeneration and more other stats. It gives players a chance to play one champion but in different ways according to mastery and rune choices. This game can be best experienced by using headsets, you can find gaming headsets here.

League of Legends is no doubt one of the most successful games on the MOBA game arena, and any League of Legends review will definitely support this claim. As it continues to improve by the day, you can expect it to be better and bigger to give all gamers the ultimate experience they could ever wish for!