Last Remnant Released on November 20


I’ve been waiting awhile for a good turn-based RPG to come out for consoles, and it looks like The Last Remnant will be worth that wait.  Sorry if I didn’t fellate Lost Odyssey like the rest of the world., but it just didn’t do it for me.  Here’s a look at some screenshots from the upcoming game, in which battles can involve up to 70 enemies.  This game looks pretty wild, especially with four-armed creatures and frog-like beings fighting in your party.  Eh, at least it’ll hold us over until Final Fantasy XIII, or “Exhibit A as to why I have no friends and my girlfriend cheats on me.”

 lr1.jpg lr2.jpg lr3.jpg

lr4.jpg lr5.jpg lr6.jpg

lr7.jpg lr8.jpg lr9.jpg

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