Lara Croft Cosplay Takes a Dark Turn

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Lara Croft is probably the character most drawn upon for “sexy cosplay,” and girls were dressing up as her before that term even existed. But over the years, the character has evolved, and so has the subsequent costuming of young pretty brunettes trying to get the internet’s attention.

And Illyne certainly has ours. She’s one of the better Crofts out there, and her old photos have been around for ages. Recently, she’s decided to reflect the new direction of Ms. Croft in her latest adventure which has her battered and bloody in an origin story that makes her out to be a female Bear Grylls. Minus the piss drinking. I hope.

The subsequent photo shoot has Illyne sporting injuries and improvised weapons, and it’s a new look at the character that we haven’t seen in cosplay before. Check out the gallery below:

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