Korean Starcraft Commercials are Great


Technically this isn’t for the game itself, it’s for OnGameNet Starleague, which is a pro Korean Starcraft circuit that actually has it’s own channel over there. I’m hoping this trend carries over to America some day, as I’d rather watch an intense game of Starcraft than a slow game of baseball any day. Sorry if that makes me unpatriotic, but it’s just so damn BORING.

Anyway, this is pretty creative spot that I thought was pretty funny. Check out another commercial for Starleague after the jump, where a little kid wants to grow up to be an Archon:


  • Bandit


  • chuck

    hahaha i LOL’ed i hope theres more of these.

  • Xin

    I love these commercials. I, too, would rather watch a game of starcraft than most other sports. I think Spike or G4 should start playing them. I’d watch TV if it was Starcraft and UFC, hahah.