Korean Pro Starcrafts During League of Legends

Korean League of Legends pro Maknoon is a busy guy. So busy in fact, he has to actually stack his games on top of each other. Not really, but this is an impressive bit of showing off to say the least.

Maknoon booted up a League of Legends match, and while that was loading, he managed to play and win a Starcraft game while alt-tabbing between the two. He beats his opponent with a Zerg rush in just a few minutes while keeping an eye on League, then manages to go back and win his lane in the other game as well, not having missed a moment.

You’d likely have to know these games to really appreciate this, but it shows a kind of mental and physical dexterity that demonstrates why Koreans have the pro-gaming reputations they do. Amazing.

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  1. cypher20 March 13, 2014

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